Welcome to our range of Barefoot Science insoles. We are pleased to offer the Active and Therapeutic models in ¾ length and full length.

The Active model is ideal for everyday wear and athletic use, and the Therapeutic model for use by those affected by diabetes related foot problems, peripheral neuropathy, and reduced fibrofatty pads on the heel and metatarsal heads. Full descriptions are shown when you click on your model of choice.

Please note; In our shop we offer sizes from XS – XL. If however, you need smaller or larger sizes we can supply these by request via email to stuart@allaboutbalance.co.uk

Barefoot Science 3/4 Length insoles

The versatile 3/4 length model takes up less space in the shoe and is designed for use in shoes that do not have a removable insole such as dress shoes or narrower fitting shoes. Please ensure the insole sits tight to the back of the shoe.

Barefoot Science full length insoles

The full length insoles are ideal for all shoes, especially sports shoes or walking boots with a removable insole. Please ensure the Barefoot Science insole covers the whole inner surface area of the shoe. If your shoe size is on the cusp of 2 BFS sizes we suggest you choose the larger size and trim the toe end to fit your shoe. Instructions for this are provided in the box.

Our terms and conditions and returns policy is located here.

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