7 Step Therapeutic Full Length


7 step Therapeutic full length insole range

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The insole for diabetics and those affected by neuropathy or poor circulation. Also aimed at those with reduced fibrofatty pads on their heels and metatarsal heads. Therapeutic is covered with Celliant ™ a revolutionary product proven to increase blood circulation.

  • 7 step model
  • 2 tone mesh
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Enhanced cushioning and breathability
  • ‘Poron™’ at the front and heel for excellent shock absorbing qualities
  • Ideal for the more robust / heavier person
  • Ideal for people with Diabetes, Arthritis or individuals with high arches
  • Extra pressure reducing layer
  • Additional stimulation to massage tense foot muscles
  • Inserts 6 and 7 are designed to withstand a heavier footfall