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We are Stuart Gordon, a Sports Therapist, and Neil Frame, an MSK Podiatrist; we are “All About Balance”. We have spent the last 30 and 35 years respectively, treating people from all walks of life including professional athletes, olympic and world champions, ballet dancers, musicians and thousands of the general public suffering injuries and debilitating conditions caused by imbalances in their bodies. Often with the underlying cause being dysfunctional foot muscles and imbalances causing flat feet or overpronation leading to other musculoskeletal problems.

However, time and again it has become apparent that many of the people we see have imbalances within a broader meaning of the word, going beyond the obvious physical aspects of poor balance to include;


  • Dietary imbalances
  • Work-life imbalances
  • Relationship imbalances
  • Biochemical imbalances
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Cognitive Imbalances

Individually or in combination these imbalances create a heady cocktail of physical, physiological, and emotional problems which in turn directly or indirectly result in injury, loss or reduction of sporting ability, illness, depression, inability to work, fear of going out and ultimately despair.

In order to help these people we have formed informal collaborations with various respected and talented therapists, or advised on potentially beneficial courses of action and care pathways. Our aim now in forming All About Balance is to create an umbrella organisation to promote and provide those products and services that we have seen work successfully over the years.

Barefoot Science Insoles - make a fundamental difference in performance and outcome

Barefoot Science Insoles are the first “balance” product that we are bringing to the UK.

We recognised the fundamental difference in performance and outcome that Barefoot Science Insoles provide. Every once in a while a technology comes along that changes how we look at the world, it being such a step ahead of current thinking or practice that it disrupts the conventions of an industry. “Disruptive Technology” is the buzz phrase that defines this, for instance how we communicate now with the advent of wireless technology, and in the way digital images have replaced film-based technology.

Barefoot Science is an example of disruptive technology, advancing footwear and foot care industries which for the last century have pursued technology that braces, cushions and supports the feet whereas BFS Insoles safely strengthen and stimulate muscles and nerves from within the shoe with every step.

Embracing technology

The benefits of Barefoot Science Insoles have been proven time and again by the use of high-tech equipment such as Optogait and Gyko to provide objective data that accurately identifies balance and stability, as well as technology that measures muscle firing activity to pinpoint asymmetry. These, and other advanced equipment that assesses cognitive speed of processing, have been significant in the wider acceptance of BFS in the Sports performance and injury rehabilitation world. Such tests have consistently shown the positive changes BFS Insoles produce.

Creating a Movement Revolution in Human Evolution

We believe Barefoot Science Insoles sit comfortably with the evolutionary changes man has experienced since becoming bipedal in modern history, moving to walking on increasingly hard unforgiving surfaces in ever more varied footwear. Barefoot Science Insoles are ‘more than just an insole’! They are an ‘in-shoe training system ‘, safely strengthening and stimulating your feet with every step. With the addition of Barefoot Science Insoles your shoes become your own personal trainer.

But don’t take our word for it...

Anyone that puts Barefoot Science insoles in their shoes will have an increase in performance and a greatly reduced chance of injury. I now wear my Barefoot Science every day and recommend them to all of my clients.

Richard Pady, Canada
Triathlon Coach, Trainer and Competitor

I have used Barefoot orthotics on some of my toughest casesof plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior tendinosis and metatarsal- gia and have had excellent results. These are people who have tried and failed traditional orthotics, stretches and various other devices. Barefoot orthotics are easy to sell as people can see the logic in the approach. Thoroughly happy with the product and service

Mark Gillham
Physiotherapist, Cowra NSW, Australia

Immediately from stepping onto my insoles with level one insert I felt a subtle but reassuring change in posture and balance. 8 weeks later I am up to level 6 and two weeks ago I was able to start running again pain-free for the first time in 14 months since a back injury. By way of an update; "Thank you Barefoot Science:- I am completely stoked as I just ran a personal best for a 10k trail over mixed terrain, pain-free!" ...........This afternoon's time was 57:28 - pretty ordinary for many but great for me as my goal has been to get 10k covered in under an hour......... and, after all, I am 186cm, 108kgs and 49 1/2 yrs old! I first 'ran' again in May and took 11 mins to cover 1.6km / 1 mile!

Tim in Alton, Hampshire
A member of EDC Crossfit

These insoles are both very light-weight and educational for the feet. They work gently, quickly and effectively…unlike the 'old-fashioned' orthotics usually prescribed, which try to force the foot into an unsustainable shape. I am delighted to report that the feedback from patients is fantastic. You can confidently recommend these insoles to your patients as the gold standard for foot care.

Dr Scott Middleton

I was introduced to Barefoot Science about 5 years ago when I was having hip and shoulder problems and difficulty with my golf game. Going through the process of training my feet using the insoles was easy and amazing, in doing so fixing other problems I'd lived with for years, what an eye opener!! Since then my entire family has used Barefoot Science insoles at one point or another, my daughter, the latest has just started using them to correct her flat feet. Let's see what happens…I've got complete confidence.

J. Dearden

All About Balance with Barefoot Science insoles have really assisted me in many ways…less pain after playing golf and more stability during the swing. I have worn orthotics for 30 years but having now tried Barefoot Science my others are now redundant! Less pain, more stability, simple!!

Andrew Murray
BBC Golf Summariser, Former European Open Champion, Director & PGA Professional Andrew Murray Gold Ltd

In our office, Barefoot Science (BFS) has been effectively used to help improve this proprioceptive deficit. Barefoot Science is a non-orthotic mid-arch stimulator. Due to its ability to create mid-arch activation, BFS mimics barefoot walking in sand and over time can dramatically help to reduce a proprioceptive deficit and improve foot strength. We highly recommend that all take a look at this wonderful product.

Dr. Peter Gorman and Dr. Chelsea Keesler
Chiropractors New York

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