Barefoot Science Insoles for Runners

“I work with professional athletes on a daily basis, the BFS system has become the greatest tool at my disposal.” Gray Cook, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and USWLF Weightlifting Coach.

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Helping a runner recover from injury

Training for the London Parks Half Marathon Vonnie was unaware of the injury potential of poor balance and equally poor gait patterns…watch the video to see how Barefoot Science insoles helped or click the link below to read her story.

How do they work?

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ patents are founded on the progressive increase in proprioceptive neural stimulation to the soles of your feet while wearing any shoes, immediately helping all runners by increasing running efficiency through better contact time.


I have finally found an insole that I will be sticking with long-term and recommend them to my clients. Andy Webb, Personal Fitness Trainer

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Don’t take our word for it…

Anyone that puts Barefoot Science insoles in their shoes will have an increase in performance and a greatly reduced chance of injury. I now wear my Barefoot Science every day and recommend them to all of my clients

Richard Pady, Triathlon Coach

I have used Barefoot Science insoles on some of my toughest cases of plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior tendinosis and metatarsalgia and have had excellent results. Thoroughly happy with the product and service

Mark Gilham, Physiotherapist.

My flat feet caused me terrible pain with shin splints and tight calves every time I ran. But recently, I've just completed a 5km run with zero pain, and I even shaved 1 minute off my best 1 mile time!! Thank you so much for introducing me to the Barefoot Science insoles

Claire Chivers. CrossFit athlete Alton

I have been using Barefoot Science Insoles for almost a year now. I have quite flat feet and was getting bad shin splint pain when running. I now run 10k without foot and ankle issues.

James Clarke runner from Godalming

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