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Feet are your foundation for efficient movement whether lifting, running or burpee-box jumping. BAREFOOT SCIENCE is the only patented “in-shoe” progressive training product for your feet. Put simply they help you PERFORM BETTER and STAY INJURY FREE


BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ patents are founded on the fact that the increasingly large plugs inserted under the insoles deliver a progressive increase in proprioceptive neural stimulation to the soles of your feet while wearing any shoes.

Don’t take our word for it…

The first two weeks of using the Barefoot Science Insoles made it obvious that these really work. The idea of these insoles is to stimulate nerves on the bottom of your foot which active more muscle fibres in your body. It was a huge eye-opener when my whole body was sore in the first two weeks of using them. Now my strength has increased, my positioning is up. Quality product.

James Strudwick, CrossFitter

My flat feet and very tight calves led to shin splints, causing me terrible pain in every CrossFit WOD that involved high impact, such as running (even short distances), and skipping or jumping. I now use Barefoot Science insoles on every possible occasion and am on level 3 insert. Tonight, I completed a 5km run with zero pain. This is the furthest I have run since 2011 and I even shaved 1 minute off my best 1 mile time!! I've found something comfortable that offers me a solution to pain free training… Thank you so much for introducing me to the Barefoot Science insoles

Clare, an EDC CrossFit member

I knew the inward collapse of my knees was stopping me from increasing weights in all the Olympic lifts, and despite all the coaching advice I couldn’t stop it from happening at around 70 -80kg’s. It was really frustrating!! Then Stuart from All About Balance explained that my feet were in fact the problem and introduced me to Barefoot Science insoles. Since wearing them I’ve been able to keep my knees aligned correctly without having to try, and very quickly hit new PB’s, with increases of between 20-30 %. The stability and alignment the insoles provide is awesome.

Luke Aylott - CrossFit athlete

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