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All About Balance is committed to working in partnership with like-minded professional therapists, performance coaches, strength and conditioning experts, and exercise trainers.

Barefoot Science insoles (BFS) are a unique β€˜in-shoe’ training system. Our experiences show that professionals with an understanding of functional biomechanics and an awareness of the importance of efficient proprioceptive nervous system activation immediately see the benefits BFS can provide to their patients or clients.

Whether it be for pain relief, falls prevention, improved athletic performance or enhanced cognitive speed of processing BFS offer a solution unlike any other insole or orthoses.

BFS insoles treat the cause of the problem not just the symptom.

We offer our partners a substantial discount for stocking and selling BFS insoles and give our commitment to providing support and to promoting their Stockist status.

We feel it is important to stress we are not sales people with some degree of product and industry knowledge. We are experienced therapists excited by this opportunity to offer our peers the chance to sell a unique product that provides benefits like no other insole or orthoses we have seen or tried in our combined 60 years in practice. That we are able to do so with integrity and based on a founding belief of β€˜do no harm’ is of paramount importance to us. Our own experiences of BFS insoles are supported by evidence based data from numerous case studies in North America and Canada.

Why Partner with All About Balance?

Be a leader

Be at the forefront of your profession with BFS. The only insoles that produce measurable improvements in balance, muscle symmetry and sequential muscle engagement for:


  • Injury prevention
  • Enhanced performance
  • Pain relief
  • Improved balance

Experience Unique benefits

By stocking BFS insoles you will offer a unique product, the only insoles that stimulate, strengthen, retrain and rehabilitate. All features that will help your practice achieve those ideals we all seek:


  • Satisfied clients
  • Improved outcomes
  • Increased revenue

Benefit from support and promotion

We have a commitment to support and promote our stockists as our partners through:


  • BFS Insoles guidance and help
  • Informative online videos
  • Promotion of stockists through our website directory and social media
  • Group training and CPD

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